Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thoughts on the Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer

The teaser trailer for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie is out.  Feel free to check it out below.

I have to admit Andrew Garfield makes a better Peter Parker than I thought I would.  Nevertheless, the trailer leaves me with several concerns.

My biggest reservation is that I simply think it is too soon for a reboot.   I understand that bringing back the old cast simply wasn’t feasible.  There was also no way Sony was going to let this property revert to Marvel without squeezing every last dollar they could out of it.  So a new movie with a new cast was inevitable.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I just wish the movie didn’t go all the way back to the origin story.  A soft reboot, like Marvel did with The Incredible Hulk after The Hulk flopped, would have worked better.   Most people who are going to see this movie already know how Peter Parker became Spider-Man, and if they don’t, the briefest of recaps should suffice.

From Marvel Comics "King-Size Spider-Man Summer Special # 1"

See that wasn’t so hard!

Another thing that seems odd is that it looks like the movie is going to play up the fact that Peter Parker’s parents were secret agents.  This is a part of Spider-Man’s backstory that is probably best ignored.  It complicates Peter’s origin and yet makes him a less relatable character. 

One of Peter Parker’s strengths as a character is that for all of the strangeness in his life he remains relatable.  This works because he was a relatively ordinary kid prior being bit by a radioactive spider.  Adding fantastic elements into his life prior to the spider bite eats away at this ordinariness.

Of course, maybe I am just making too much of the scenes where his father says goodbye to him and when he finds the old attach√© case. 

I certainly hope that is the case.


benensky said...

Looks like we will need to wait till next year to see.