Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Internet’s foremost Batmanologist appears on John Stewart

I generally avoid link blogging, but this clip from The Daily Show is hilarious.  It features the Internet’s foremost Batmanologist Chris Sims (who blogs at The ISB and is a staff writer at Comics Alliance) talking about Nightrunner.

For those of you who are not keeping up with Batman at the moment, Bruce Wayne has recently begun recruiting other superheroes to act as regional Batmen throughout the world.  In Paris, he chose Nightrunner to be “Le Batman of France”.


This would not have been controversial if it wasn’t for the fact that in addition to being a citizen of France, Nightrunner is a Sunni Muslim.  Of course, this caused the Internet to explode.

So check out the clip!


Kinocetus said...

Too Funny!!!

Medraut said...

@Kinocetus - I never cease to be amazed by what the staff of The Daily Show manages to get people to say.

Kinocetus said...

Is it any wonder why people have more respect for this guy than our country's leaders?