Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Quick Look at the Seeker

From the depths of the forest comes a primal hunter.  Whispering words that were ancient when the world was young, he binds the spirit of decay into a slender arrow.  Taking aim at an orc, he lets the arrow fly and watches as it hits its mark.  The orc can do nothing but watch in horror as spores erupt from the point of impact, coalescing into four fungal blooms around him, filling the area with their poisonous presence.

To me, this picture works better for a seeker than a ranger A new primal class, the seeker, is the most recent debut content from Wizards of the Coast.  Like the druid, the seeker is a primal controller.  In theme though, the seeker is closer to a ranger than a druid. 

A preeminent marksman, the seeker has powers which revolve around use of a ranged weapon.  He uses his evocations to bind spirits to his weaponry, which he can then use to  supernatural effect.  These effects often create bursts or zones at the point of impact, allowing the seeker to fulfill his role as a controller nicely.

The seeker is also highly mobile, capable shifting as a minor action as long as he is not wearing heavy armor.  This is a very nice ability, as any Dungeon Master who has used kobolds against the party in Dungeons & Dragons 4e knows. 

If they had given this ability to shift to the archer build for rangers, they would probably not be scorned as “underpowered” by so many gamers.  In fact, I might just have to create a feat specifically for archer rangers that grants them a similar ability.

I like the seeker a lot.  The concept of a primal warrior who binds spirits into his weapons is undeniably cool.  I have also wanted to see a weapon based controller for awhile now. 

In fact, while I have long maintained that my next Dungeons & Dragons 4e character will be an archer-build  ranger, I am now leaning towards a seeker.  Frankly, controlling the battlefield appeals to me more than high amounts of damage.  Also, powers like Fungal Blooms are wonderfully evocative.

Of course, if they decide to release hybrid rules for seekers I might not have to choose!


Stephanie said...

If I like being a druid so much do you think I might like the seeker? Just curious . . . also don't rangers get to have pets? I mean familiars?

Medraut said...

Being a controller the primal power source, Seekers have a lot in common with Druids. Honestly though, I think you would enjoy playing a Shaman more. They have a companion spirit class feature which grants them a primal spirit which manifests as a ghostly bear or panther.

To answer your ranger question, there are currently three builds: Two-Weapon Fighting, Archery, and Beastmaster. The beastmaster build gets an animal companion.

The seeker, while very similar to a ranger, is actually a separate class. So they don't get an animal companion either.