Thursday, October 1, 2009

Horror Month returns at “A Hero Twice A Month”

It seems only fair to give Azalin equal time.

In honor of Halloween, Azalin Rex and I would like to welcome you to Horror Month here at A Hero Twice A Month.  This month will be devoted to incorporating an element of the macabre into your RPG experience.

Expect tips for incorporating different flavors of horror into your fantasy RPG gaming, looking at some classic White Wolf games, mechanics for dealing with horror in D&D 4e, tips for bringing out the horrific in your monsters and much, much more.

Because really, who doesn't like a good scare every once and awhile?


Saragon said...

Looking forward to reading the series as it progresses - been looking for this sort of advice!

rook103 said...

Thanks terrorness...I've been waiting all year for this month!

Medraut said...

@Saragon & @rook103

I am glad to hear you are looking forward to this. I blog much more frequently than I did last Horror Month and I am hard at work generating a lot of horror content.

So you can expect a lot of horror related posts this month. Thanks again for the support.