Friday, October 16, 2009

Forgotten Realms Issue 13 – Triangles: Trials (Part 3 of 3)

Having just witnessed the apparent death of Captain Omen, the crew of the Realms’ Master stands ready to do battle.  They are quickly informed by one of the Perfection’s crew that Captain Omen isn’t dead, he was merely teleported to the deck of the Perfection to stand trial.

They have apparently never watched Star Trek

The point of contention seems to be how Captain Omen acquired the Astrolabe of Nimbral.  According to Captain Omen, he was entrusted with the the Astrolabe by Netyarch Kirkson as part of his mission to recover and dispose of powerful artifacts.  According to Captain Grimwald, Captain Omen crept into Netyarch Kirkson’s manor like a thief in the night and stole it.

I love these two pictures!

Well, actually this is just the excuse for the trial.  It is obvious that this confrontation is personal and that the charges against Captain Omen are just the excuse Captain Grimwald needed to harass him.

Captain Omen logically points out that a few divinations should clear everything out.  Captain Grimwald counters that divination spells have proven dangerous lately, rendering their casters mindless.  In fact, this is what happen to Netyarch Kirkson.  The conversation also makes it clear that the current Netyarch Gabrella and Captain Omen had some form of romantic relationship in the past, but that they did not part on the best of terms.

Realizing that he is not going to get out of here by talking, Captain Omen casts a shout spell knocking down the crew.

Captain Omen is certainly showing a lot of leg

Back on the Realms’ Master, Ishi and Agrivar decide the commotion on the Perfection gives them the perfect opportunity to turn the tables on their captives.  Easily taking down the low- level mages with the sweet science, Ishi realizes their victory will be short-lived once the crewmember still aboard the perfection realize what happen.

Sometimes, crewing a ship with wizards is a bad thing.

Having Foxilion retrieve some scrolls, Ishi figures coercing one of the young wizards into casting a Phantasmal Force will buy them some time.  It is Jasmine who really seals the deal though, threatening to slit the throat of the wizard unless he cooperates.

There is always one in the party

Back on the deck of the Perfection, Captain Omen has been subdued.  Captain Omen remains defiant though, taunting Captain Grimwald by reminding him of the proverb, “Insult a wizard, harvest his vengeance!”  Grimwald seems more concerned with the hostages, but one of the Perfection’s crew tells him everything looks fine below.

Below decks on the Realms’ Master, the crew considers their next step.  Ishi has taken over guarding the prisoner, hoping to match Jasmine’s bloodthirsty nature.  Jasmine considers flying to shore for help, but Agrivar suggests it will take to long for help to arrive.  Jasmine then wonders why this is their problem anyway?  Since they are just passengers, can’t they just scarper off and leave Captain Omen to his fate.

Agrivar merely comments, “Odd.  So much of your mother in appearance… I am sorry you do not match her spirit.”  The comment angers Jasmine, causing her to lash out at Agrivar, wondering what good her mother’s “valor” did her?  That it is not cowardice to run when the other side is more powerful!

This is a great scene

It is only when the prisoner agrees and tells the crew that fleeing is their only chance to survive that Jasmine decides she may be in the wrong.

Agreeing to help, Jasmine asks what she can do.  Minder suggests that she could use the potion of invisibility to fly up and take out the Perfection’s Astrolabe.  The only problem is that it is a complex procedure and Minder will not be able to accompany her.  To which Jasmine replies with a smile, “Actually, you can.”

Back on the Perfection’s deck the trial continues.  Everyone is so engrossed in the proceedings that no one notices as a small window opens and then closes. 

No thieves means no listen checks in AD&D 1e

Once inside, the invisible Jasmine uses a magical key to open a portal to an extra-dimensional space… from which Minder emerges.  The two proceed to sneak below decks.

I imagine he has a courtmartial in his future Back in the bowels the Realms’ Master, the crew is anxiously waiting for Jasmine’s return.  Agrivar speaks in wistful tones about Jasmine’s mother Roseblood, which distracts Ishi long enough for the wizard to escape.  Running to the deck, the wizard dismisses the Phantasmal Force and grabs the attention of his crewmates.

On the deck of the Perfection, Captain Grimwald orders water elemental to kill the Realms’ Master crew.  Captain Omen attempts to break free of his captors, but receives a severe blow to the head from a smug Captain Grimwald.

Grimwald has a mean left hook

Below decks on the Perfection, Minder is carefully examining the design of the Astrolabe.  Finding a blemish on the dorsal crystal, Minder causes it to expand with a small tap.  Jasmine is unimpressed, saying that she could have done that herself.  Minder merely comments that she could have blown herself up as well.

Flying Deathtrap

Things are not going as well for the Realms’ Master crew which is having difficulty dealing with the huge water elemental.  Ishi screams at Vartan to dispel the elemental, but Vartan hasn’t memorized a dispel magic that day.  However, he is suddenly overcome by the spirit of Labelas Enoreth who dispels the elemental for him.

God vs Water Elemental

On the deck of the Perfection, the fight between Captain Omen and Captain Grimwald continues.  Captain Grimwald is distracted by his crewmembers running in terror and screaming to abandon ship.  Captain Omen takes advantage of this to make his escape over the side.

The reunited crew watches as the Perfection explodes in the sky above them.  Captain Omen orders them to fire up their own Astrolabe and they warp away.

A teleporting ship can be useful at times

The Realms’ Master reappears in the arctic.  Vartan is wondering what they should do about Captain Omen being a fugitive. Omen is in no mood to talk about it though, merely congratulating Vartan on taking down the water elemental… leaving Vartan to ponder how he cast a spell he didn’t have memorized.

Agrivar and Jasmine have a bit of a heart to heart.  They talk about Jasmine’s parents and how she has tried to flee their heroic legacy.  She also talks about her wings, which she thinks make her look like a pixie. They embarrass her so she hides them, preferring pity to laughter.  Agrivar is sympathetic, but subtly turns the conversation towards her making her peace with Ishi, which she agrees she should do.  Agrivar gives her a fatherly peck on the forehead before leaving.

Awww... How sweet

Joining Ishi by the railing, Jasmine begins to make her peace with Ishi.  Jasmine asks if there is something between Ishi and Agrivar that she should stay away from.  Ishi isn’t really sure if there is, but would hate to lose whatever they do have.  The two begin to bond while talking about Agrivar’s good qualities.  In the end though, Jasmine just can’t help herself.  She deflates Ishi’s good mood by noting that Agrivar “sure kisses funny though.”

Jasmine is awesome


  • I liked the differing accounts of how Captain Omen acquired the Astrolabe of Nimbral.
  • I thought Captain Grimwald was a fun villain for Captain Omen.  It is a shame this subplot was never followed up on.
  • On that topic, the Avatar Trilogy crossover is almost upon us.  Sadly, like a lot of big crossover events I feel this really derailed the series.
  • Jasmine’s wings change color from the black they were in previous issues to an off-white in this issue.  This appears to be just so she can utter the line, “this lot packs more magic than I have little white feathers.”  They are black again next issue.
  • I really like the romantic rivalry between Ishi and Jasmine.  Especially because Agrivar is so oblivious to it.
  • That was a hell of an explosion.  Those flying ships really are flying deathtraps.