Saturday, October 3, 2009

Forgotten Realms Issue 12 – Triangles: Rivals (Part 2 of 3)

This issue begins in the magical nation of Halruaa.  It follows Netyarch Gabrella and her advisor Lovis having a walk and talk meeting through the halls of her palace.  A messenger from the priests of Mystra tries twice to get her attention before ultimately just yelling out that he has a message at the top of his lungs.

I didn't know they let halflings in Halruaa. 

This initially looks as if it will be the last mistake he will ever make, but when Gabrella hears the message, that “The carp has bitten”, she suddenly smiles.  Gabrella asks Lovis if they have any ships operating around the Sea of Fallen Stars and is gratified to hear the Perfection is in the area.  She tells Lovis to dispatch it immediately to Saerloon with orders to bring the thief and traitor Dwalimor Omen to justice.

We then return to the bedroom confrontation between Agrivar, Ishi, and Jasmine.  At this point, only Ishi is fully clothed, so she comes to the conclusion that she has interrupted an assignation between Agrivar and Jasmine. 

Vartan looks like an incredible pervert in this picture

Agrivar sputters denials, but Jasmine sees a chance to escape and tells her “dearheart” that they will have to continue their “rendezvous” another time before flying out the window.  Agrivar then tries to explain himself to Ishi, but you can see how that goes yourself.

Yeah, I probably wouldn't buy that story either

At that point the time for talk is over because the patrons of Lady Rae’s have overpowered Minder and are using her iron body as a battering ram to get into the room.  Seeing few options, the group dives out the window (obviously figuring that 1d6 falling damage won’t seriously hurt them).  The group then scatters in an attempt to escape the (awfully violent) patrons of Lady Rae’s and make their way back to the Realms’ Master.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is preparing to flee the city for good and setup shop as a hunchback elsewhere.  When she takes to the air she is shocked to see an airship up in the clouds.  She briefly wonders if it might be her ticket out of there, but dismisses that theory when she is shot at.

Maybe it is just a case of friendly fire?

Onboard the ship, Captain Grimwald explains that when they  locate Captain Omen they have been ordered to give Omen a chance to surrender first.  However when, not if, he refuses they are to kill him…  messily.

Back on the streets of Saerloon, Jasmine lands in an alley.  Unfortunately for her, Foxilion and Ishi have been watching the skies and spring on her.  Jasmine fights dirty, feigning injury, throwing sand, and taunting Ishi about her “boyfriend”.  The latter tactic backfires though as Ishi becomes enraged and severely beats Jasmine.

Great way to treat the daughter of Agrivar's old friend.

Foxilion stops Ishi before she seriously injures Jasmine.  Shocked by her own behavior, Ishi apologizes to Jasmine and lets her have a free swing if it will make her feel better.  Jasmine is not about to let this opportunity pass and gives Ishi a quick kick to the face. 

All of lifes problems can be solved by a kick to the face

When Jasmine finds out that they have a ship she sees an opportunity to leave town and goes with them back to the Realms’ Master.  When she presents herself to Captain Omen, he is initially not interested in taking her aboard.  His tune changes once he realizes she has wings.

After the Realms’Master leaves port, they find themselves attacked by a huge water elemental. 

That is much bigger than your normal Water Elemental

Grimwald As the elemental holds the ship aloft, Captain Grimwald projects an image of himself down on the deck.  Captain Grimwald lays out the charges against Captain Omen and demands his immediate surrender. 

The two wizards bluster at one another for a bit when it is revealed that the Perfection’s wizardly crew has boarded the Realm’s Master invisibly.  Captain Grimwald gives Captain Omen one last chance to surrender.  Captain Omen does, but demands justice.  Captain Grimwald tells Captain Omen that he will have justice before apparently disintegrating Captain Omen on the spot.


  1. I like the scenes that take place in Halruaa.  It looks exactly as I always imagined it to.
  2. I also like that all of wizards from Halruaa where the three dots that Captain Omen does.  It is a nice touch, especially since it is consistent. 
  3. I also like that it is Ishi and Foxilion who finally corner Jasmine.
  4. Ishi really has some anger management issues, doesn’t she?
  5. I really like Jasmine and I think she adds something to the crew.  It is a real shame she isn’t going to last.
  6. I like the look of Captain Grimwald.  I really can’t say the same for the look of the crew of the Perfection though.
  7. Did anyone seriously believe Captain Omen was dead at the end of the issue?