Friday, April 10, 2009

S&M Barbie indeed.

Just finished watching the Dollhouse episode A Spy in the House of Love.  I have to admit, it was one of the best episodes of the series so far.  Choosing to follow each of the actives through their day after they were imprinted was an excellent narrative device.  It felt natural, yet it allowed them to build suspense naturally.

All of the major characters had character development.  Is it wrong that I am enjoying (former) Agent Paul Ballard more and more as his sanity continues its downward spiral?  I also enjoyed the character development done with Adelle DeWitt this episode.

And just for the record, the scene below is not the reason for the thumbs up.


I know I have complained about the sexual engagements, but damn is she hot.


So to summarize: Great characterizations + Interesting plot developments = Great episode!


Scafloc said...

I don't know, I enjoyed that scene. ^_^