Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Feats (And One Power) With Familiar Names

Here is my take on updating a couple of old feats to the new edition.

Weapon Finesse (Heroic Tier Feat)

Prerequisite: Dex 13

Benefit: When making a Melee Basic Attack with a light blade, you make the attack using Dex vs AC.  Damage is still determined normally.

Improved Weapon Finesse (Paragon Tier Feat)

Prerequisite: Dex 15, Weapon Finesse

Benefit:  When making a Melee Basic Attack with a light blade, your Dex modifier is used instead of your Str modifier when determining damage.

Deft Opportunist (Rogue Utility 10)


Immediate Interrupt     Personal

Trigger: An adjacent enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from you.

Effect: If you choose to make an opportunity attack against this opponent, you can use an at-will attack with the weapon keyword instead of a melee basic attack.


Scafloc said...

As I am sure wil not surprise Rob, I am a HUGE fan of this idea. 4e went a long way towards liberating non-wizards from strength attribute dependency, there is still too much of it out there for my tastes. In many respects, 3.x edition had more support for alternate attributes by the end there, combining the feats: intuitive strike, zen archery, powerful throw, and weapon finesse feats could net you a lot of options as far as attack attributes. In 4e we see many powers which work off of alternate attributes, but only the swordmage class seems to have this kind of option with regards to conventional attacks at present, and it is gratifying to see it being developed a bit more. I am happy to see the "heavy blade opportunity" equivalent as a utility power. No need to take all the steam out of the fighter's sails after all...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above. Making an alternative to Heavy Blade Opp as an encounter with rogues is a great idea! However, the Weapon Finesse feat is both well done and fairly obvious. I'm surprised we haven't seen something like this from WoTC.

Anonymous said...

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