Sunday, October 5, 2008

Horror Month at "A Hero Twice A Month"

Wasn't this the coolest module cover ever?

In honor of Halloween, Strahd Von Zarovich and I would like to welcome you to Horror Month here at A Hero Twice A Month.  This month will be devoted to incorporating an element of the macabre into your 4th Edition D&D games. 

Because really, who doesn't like a good scare every once and awhile?


Scafloc said...

While I don't have much of a comment on october being horror month (seems like it is regardless no?) I have to say I am really starting to enjoy your semi-new format. It makes reading comments much easier, and thus far more likely.

I can't delete this said...

In my opinion there was not a better indoor module than the original Ravenloft module. It wasn't the originator of the exploded 3d maps (Dragonlance #1 was if I remember correctly), but nonetheless the maps were beautiful, the whole module had an "ambiance" to it.... oh, the good old days....

Medraut said...

Ravenloft was a truly great module. The maps were gorgeous and the fortune teller mechanic was innovative, but what truly set the module apart was the way that Strahd was treated.

Strahd was a genius and the module encouraged you to treat him as such. It gave tips for playing him, and even encouraged that you allow him to make leaps of logic that might be beyond a lesser mind.

As a result Strahd was a truly memorable opponent who is remembered fondly by a whole generation of gamers.