Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why wait to play a Swordmage?

I know at least one gamer who is impatiently waiting for the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide to come out.  It's not because he is a huge Forgotten Realms fan.  It's so that he can check out the new Swordmage class.  He has always been a big fan of the Gish concept, and sees 4th Edition D&D as the first edition of D&D that can handle the concept easily.

Wizards of the Coast recently excerpted the Swordmage at their website.  Its a nice excerpt, but not really playable.  If you are looking to play one right away though, you still might be in luck.  Simply check out RPGA's Living Forgotten Realms Campaign Character Creation Guide

The preview material contains 4th Edition write-ups for playing a Drow, Genasi, and yes even the Swordmage.  Well, at least up to level three.  Still, that would be enough to get you through H1: Keep on the Shadowfell.

Or I suppose you could just wait sixteen days.  But who has that kind of patience nowadays?


Unknown said...


I'm personally amazed at the amount of movement popping that defender around the field. I can just imagine an eladrin swordmage... must look something like nightcrawler flitting about a fight.

& the genasi seem a bit tweaked up for a player race as well, but I have yet to see how bad it gets to deal with at high levels. time will tell I suppose.

Scafloc said...

wait, so my gish can be mobile on the field too? the INSANITY! I am so going to make an elven spiral wizard/swordmage soon and see how he turns out.

Bartoneus said...

I have a player in my game who is using the Swordmage preview material, and he just hit level 3. It's definitely an interesting class to have in a game, and changes a lot of how defenders work when compared to the Paladin and Fighter.