Monday, August 4, 2008

In case you are wondering where I went this weekend...

After a long hard week at work, I decided to spend the entire weekend playing Age of Conan.  I managed to bring my character from level 23 to level 31, which shows how much I was playing.

This is still nothing compared to my wife, who is currently completely addicted to the game.  She was raiding with her guild this weekend.  The raid went well.  So well, that they actually made a video of it, put it to music, and placed it on YouTube.

So gaze in amazement at my wife and her guild taking down Kylikki.

I am not sure whether to be proud or horrified.


I can't delete this said...

Leroy Jenkins....

Jeez, love the triple decker icon bar. One of these days. I need to get my character out of Tarantia..