Sunday, May 11, 2008

The 4th Edition Player's Handbook?

I thought I was impatient for the 4th Edition Player's Handbook to arrive. 

While looking for D&D 4th Edition artwork, I stumbled across a website where they have cobbled together a 4th Edition Player's Handbook from all the rumors and previews about the D&D 4th Edition.  While I have seen most of it before, seeing it all compiled does give a much more complete picture of what the game will probably be like.

Obviously everything is not going to be the same as the final product.  I also wonder about the accuracy of some of the information, especially the Leveling Up chart.  It seems to have a lot of dead levels (i.e., levels where you only advance in BAB/HP/Saves), which is something the designer's have repeatedly stated they were trying to avoid in the new edition.

Nevertheless, if you don't mind spoilers, check out the Player's Pre-4th Edition Player's Handbook.