Friday, April 25, 2008

A fond farewell to Dave's Longbox

Dave Campbell announced a few days ago that he was closing the doors on Dave's Longbox, a popular comic book blog he started with the premise of "I am going to review my comic book collection and you're going to like it".

The announcement was not a big shocker.  His recent postings have been somewhat infrequent.  Especially since he has, not surprisingly, been focusing on his new paying blog gig for ABC.

It is somewhat sad though.  Not just because I enjoyed his snarky humor, but if it wasn't for him I would probably wouldn't be blogging today.  See, he was my "gateway drug" into the blogging scene.  True, I had been a frequenter of certain tech blogs and Neil Gaiman's blog prior.  But Dave's Longbox was the first blog I started visiting that was run by "just some guy".

I suppose it is only fitting to end my tribute to Dave's Longbox with links to three of my favorite articles:

Happy trails Mr. Campbell!