Saturday, March 8, 2008

Is is wrong to want to play a video game just because of a song?

I recently heard the song Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton.  Its a catchy little tune that plays at the end of the video game Portal.  I haven't played Portal, but I know that the protagonist matches wits with the insane computer GLaDOS as she navigates through increasingly complex rooms using her aperture gun.  GLaDOS alternatively taunts and encourages the character with offers of things like cake and grief counseling. 

I had heard good things about the game, but wasn't really planning on picking it up anytime soon.   However, I recently checked out the closing credits on YouTube, and found I can't seem to get the catchy, if disturbing, little tune out of my head.

I think the only choice I have now is to buy the game and beat it.

Click below to see the video that is going to cost me $60.


Bronz said...

Only problem is I've heard that game is only like 2 hours long.

Though everything I have ever read about it makes it sound extremely interesting to say the least.

Valve seems to be the only developer to be able to come up with something actually CREATIVE. But then again, very little of what Valve does is ordinary.

Medraut said...

I had heard that Portal is a pretty short game. I know you can get it by itself for the PC for only $19.95 by using the Steam downloading service, but I would much rather play it on the Xbox 360.

Of course considering my Xbox 360 is in the shop again, maybe I will wait for the price to drop.