Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Amazing Turd Blossom

For the record, I was not a big fan of the recent Spider-Man storyline “One More Day”. I don’t feel the need to rehash what was wrong with it, since that was covered so thoroughly elsewhere. Suffice it to say that regardless of my opinion on the “Spider-Marriage I felt “One More Day” was poor storytelling and a dramatic cheat to anyone who has been reading Spider-Man over the years. They might as well said "a wizard did it!"

That being said I am oddly conflicted at how much I love the current “Brand New Day” storyline. The first two months have delivered on everything I want out of a Spider-Man comic book. The book is funny. Peter Parker is a regular guy with the kind of issues a regular guy with super powers would face. Now if only I didn’t cringe every time I though about how we got to this point, the book would be perfect.

Up until now I have been at a loss at how to describe my feelings towards Spidey at the moment, but thankfully George W. Bush has come to the rescue with his unique “mastery” of the English language. The current storyline on Amazing Spiderman is a Turd Blossom!

Thank you Dubbya!


Fosco said...

Perhaps there will be other presidential nick named articles like Slim or Bushie. Heck there's a whole wiki article for nicknames. ->